The movements

The movements The child with a cerebral palsy, as well as other children, learns to move, trying to feel the movement and to execute it.

Ordinary children thanks to knack or the acquired skills can operate the movements so that to achieve a definite purpose.

The movements of the child with a cerebral palsy are limited and less various, it uses inadequate motive samples which become stereotypic, and on the basis of such movements it builds all the movement skills.

Each movement begins from a certain pose and comes to an end in a certain pose.

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Here she as started

Here she as started Once behind evening tea mother speaks to me, Slavik, you sometimes smoke?

Asked so silently, on the kind.

Well I languished also answer, Yes, mother, happens.

Here she as started shouting at me … Well, I for the next ten years never told more truth to it.

However, even if contact is already broken, it is possible to try to correct situation.

The display of the person is switched off, in the program not to glance, but activity proceeds and any child cannot hide the reactions to surrounding life.

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