Here she as started

Here she as started Once behind evening tea mother speaks to me, Slavik, you sometimes smoke?

Asked so silently, on the kind.

Well I languished also answer, Yes, mother, happens.

Here she as started shouting at me … Well, I for the next ten years never told more truth to it.

However, even if contact is already broken, it is possible to try to correct situation.

The display of the person is switched off, in the program not to glance, but activity proceeds and any child cannot hide the reactions to surrounding life.

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If you dress

If you dress Sometimes such children have a tendency to turn the head mainly in one party that results in asymmetry of a backbone and a basin.

If you dress the child in a prone position on a back because it has no active muscular tone resistance to gravity, his hands and feet every time will fall and by that you will promote aggravation of the wrong models of the movement.

Try to dress at least sometimes the child when he lies on one side or sits at you on a lap.

Some of these children when they grow up, have a tendency to throw back the head and shoulders back and to fight feet all the time while they are dressed.

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We consider

We consider In it an essence of educational approach of Kitezh.

We consider absolutely useless, to repeat to the child what he has to be.

The child the personality sovereign by nature who is instinctively seeking to draw own conclusions and to make the decisions.

Therefore, if we want to change the example of behavior which already imprinted in archive of consciousness, we have to provide rather large number of life situations in which the child will be able independently to be convinced of falsehood of already created sample.

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Minutes My stomach was surrounded with belts and wires.

minutes as long were necessary to lie!

without the movement, observing as the unit spits out a piece of paper with freakish zigzags.

For me such procedure was a new experience therefore it was interesting to me that these zigzags mean and why they have such big range.

It became clear that big range that is when lines on a piece of paper jump high up, and then strongly down it is good.

Means, the kid does not lack oxygen, and his heart fights as it is necessary.

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Strange, the feeling

Strange, the feeling But I could be also convinced of limitation of own talent.

Strange, the feeling of a victory and an obogashchennost new experience mixed up with understanding not predistination to the chosen way.

I refused dream of an attic with canvases and models.

Thanks mother that you did not provoke inconsiderate acts a deaf ban, and gave me the chance to learn BY OWN EXPERIENCE that for me this way is closed.

ASPIRATION TO GOOD AS THE SIGN OF MENTAL HEALTH a practical advice for those who is burdened with money and the power Parents consider themselves to have the right to create an image of the future of the children, as if before them not persons, and clean sheets of paper.

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Establish That is why we need to control ourselves and not to give vent to the negative thoughts and feelings.

With it we can be helped by the kitchen timer.

Let it will always be near you when you are at home.

Establish it for ten or twenty minutes.

Every time when it calls, check the thoughts and feelings to control how you use the energy.

The more energy we use for good, the better we are selfcontrolled.

Children can ask you as it is possible to get rid of rather dirty water which accumulated round glass balls.

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Moreover, knowing

Moreover, knowing Therefore, she did not trust neither men nor women.

Moreover, knowing that in Kitezh most of children endured very similar tragedies in the childhood, she did not trust also children, including their pleasure life and light hopes ostentatious and squeezeed out.

Attempt to dissuade it was not led to anything owing to its strong qualities persistence and a strength of mind.

The same qualities helped it to study best of all.

Sad paradox excellent estimates served as the board supporting its high selfassessment and allowing to ignore other remarks.

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