But when

But when In a month there was a terrible: the colleague has an abortion.

Having learned about it, Olya silently cried in office kitchen.

But when the first pain from the loss endured by the colleague passed, the head was pierced by mad thought: I again have a chance, I still will be able to become pregnant the first!

Because of this thought there was a wish to go and hang Olya understood that at her takes down a roof.

That was necessary resolutely that to do.

Again thought: if I cannot be helped on the earth, it is necessary to address to heavens.

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As it is already

As it is already If you have to support in addition an upper back and shoulders, at the same time helping the kid to control a mouth, your hand very much will be tired lean an elbow on a table, having enclosed a pillow.

As it is already told, the plate surely has to face the child, but not at him behind the back.

As soon as the kid a little learns to control position of the head and trunk, feed him, having put in a stool, without need to feed him at itself on a lap it is not necessary.

When the child sits in a stool sideways from you or before you, your eyes have to is flush with his eyes or are slightly lower, otherwise it will be compelled to throw back the head to look at you.

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The game

The game Picture No.

: Came there was a Puppy Once Picture No.

: In the evening of the Puppy of the Girl They Picture L?

: Girl Shchenok It Children Picture No.

: A puppy It Girls At children In the course of drawing up offers discussion and a choice of the most successful options is carried out.

Introduction to offers of homogeneous parts, synonyms, epithets.

The game Tell Differently on selection of synonyms.

Children in turn call words, close synonyms to each picture.

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Twins are too unexpectedly

Twins are too unexpectedly Term weeks.

Whether I was upset?

Yes, was upset.

But, probably, internally it was already ready to such turn of events.

Twins are too unexpectedly and too invitingly to become reality.

At that moment pulled me on philosophy.

I reflected how human life Is fragile.

What huge power over us the Lord has.

Or Foresight.

Or Destiny.

As often it happens so that depends nothing on you, and neither you, nor someone not in forces something to change another.

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The main

The main The main objective of the specialist in communication in our country the logopedist is closest to this specialty, probably to help the child to communicate with the people surrounding it.

The psychologist helps parents to cope with the first shock and shock caused by that violations were found in their kid to adjust with it relationship and to solve some family problems.

One more important difference of team work of experts: all members of team together define strategy of the help, together participate in development of the individual program for each child.

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He cannot

He cannot He cannot speak or speaks unclear perhaps, because of its motive violations and difficulties with concentration of attention; sometimes it is extremely difficult to define, whether this or that game or occupation is pleasant to it.

Parents need to be very attentive and observant to solve or decipher signals of the kid.

Mutual communication between parents and the kid begins with interpretation of the first answers of the child.

The child answers us yes or no, and it is a signal for us to continue or not to continue communication with it whether to play further the same game or to look for new occupation.

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The movements

The movements The child with a cerebral palsy, as well as other children, learns to move, trying to feel the movement and to execute it.

Ordinary children thanks to knack or the acquired skills can operate the movements so that to achieve a definite purpose.

The movements of the child with a cerebral palsy are limited and less various, it uses inadequate motive samples which become stereotypic, and on the basis of such movements it builds all the movement skills.

Each movement begins from a certain pose and comes to an end in a certain pose.

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