And contractures

And contractures Though our book also prompts to you how to help the kid to use completely all the opportunities, at the same time it is extremely important to understand that responsibility for achievement of the specified purpose with you is shared by many experts.

And contractures and deformations cannot be considered as result of unsuccessful treatment, they a consequence of a cerebral palsy, its secondary complications.

Chapter The child in hospital ♦ How to calm the child ♦ Conversations with the personnel ♦ the Role of the tutor teacher in office According to researches, children of years, getting to hospital, most of all are afraid of parting with mother.

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Comprehensive The separation from native, friends and the language easily can appear that stress which will close the road to selfrealization for the child.

Comprehensive pressure the stranger of culture will definitely not allow to develop normally to own internal program of the child.

It does not mean that the child will not be reconstructed.

Pressure of new society will force to accept new rules of the game over time, and good teaching subjects training in the specialty will allow to find then work and means to satisfaction of the basic vital needs within new culture.

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Materials Imagine a flame and tell: I release from myself the anger and I want to become an embodiment of divine love.

The offered installation I the loving child of the Universe, and I want to see love in all who surrounds me.

Word force It is better to conduct this lesson with children of advanced age as you will use capsules.

Materials Three capsules with different contents and a plate or a paper towel for each child.

Buy empty capsules in a drugstore and fill them with any powdery substance.

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Distribution Partly it occurs because it cannot even be alone and borrow a little itselfhimself, partly because parents suffer from feeling of hopelessness, desire to preserve the child, uncertainty in correctness of the actions.

Distribution of duties The situation when children are excessively attached to mother, most often happens in incomplete families or in families where mother constantly is at home.

Here support, help and councils of some expert, for example the physical therapist, the patronage nurse, the social worker can be given to the very important.

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It in general

It in general They teenagers, they consider that know about everything much better than parents, in particular about these the substances menacing to life, causing accustoming and destroying cerebration which we call drugs.

Therefore it is not easy to make for parents at all so that their conversations worked.

It in general that Rhett learned from the respondents.

Us, parents, anything so does not upset, as allknowing behavior of teenagers.

But in a case with drugs it is especially dangerous.

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Eats. The cow eats, etc. c Brush

Eats. The cow eats, etc. c Brush To induce to imitation of words, sounds: a Move a doll, a bear, a doggie: Top top.


The doll goes b Feed a cow, a horse, a chicken: Amam.


The cow eats, etc.

c Brush a doll, a doggie, a bear, the hare.

Examining of subject pictures grant , fig.

To teach the child to establish similarity of a subject to its image, to learn, show a finger the called subject and separate details, to submit to the adult the called picture.

To expand the active dictionary a dog, a hammer, a horse, hours, a goose, a ball, a lodge, a pipe, a rattle, a hand bell, the girl, the hare If necessary to show the new picture to the child at correlation with a familiar toy.

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If to drive

If to drive It looks as a step with high lifting of a hip as, having felt foot a firm surface, the child right there straightens one foot, and another bends.

If to drive the child with the changing tone and the involuntary movements, his gait will remind that a step with high lifting of a hip.

We recommend strongly not to abuse similar circulation.

It will only prevent the child to learn to stand, leaning on both feet, and then to transfer weight from a foot to a foot, that is to be prepared for independent walking.

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