Serza urge

Serza urge They propagandize a vertical pose of exile of a fruit, abuse doctors that those turned childbirth into mechanical exercise and extol midwives midwifes who trust wisdom of the nature and help the woman to give rise independently and naturally.

Serza urge future mummies to behave in childbirth actively, to participate in decisionmaking, not to turn into obedient patients and not to forget that at the time of delivery you a star, and all others your suite.

About volume as far as this translated book is popular in our country, says at least that fact that in any book and the Internet shop you will find it on the shelf in the list.

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I should

I should It seems to me that I am a gay.

You hate me for it?

Various experts have various opinion about number of gays and lesbians.

One speak, their , others or even .

The essence that is a lot of them, is also an important problem.

In our days homosexuality becomes more and more open and more social.

I should not say that there is a mass of opinions on homosexuality.

I know that certain religions and millions of people in the world consider it as an awful thing.

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Yes, in Soviet

Yes, in Soviet And we, well, in the bar will wait until everything ends?

Yes, so it was since ancient times moved that in the course of childbirth only women took part.

Yes, in Soviet period of husbands and on a gun shot to maternity hospitals did not admit only on an extract.

But now that, now?


Impossible it is possible!

Want to help the wife during fights please!

Want to hold it by a hand during attempts be kind!

Even it is possible to cut an umbilical cord there would be a desire!

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From here

From here Because money at its conclusion goes to insurance company, and the doctors delivering at you do not see them and if receive, scanty part and only indirectly.

From here the conclusion any personal interest in me as in the patient at them is not present.

So, there is also no special desire to provide me childbirth according to the highest category.

And to spit them on my paid contract.

This fact seriously confused me.

Therefore widespread classical option when you directly agree with the doctor, determining the extent of subsequent gratitude in advance, by me too it was considered.

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When you put the kid on such

When you put the kid on such When you put the kid on such board, the special attention should be paid to the next moments: the head of the child has to be slightly inclined forward and be on the average line, shoulders and hands have to be removed forward, the lower foot is unbent so, how it is possible, and top is slightly bent; the knee and a shin of the top foot have to have support, differently the hip will turn inside and the top foot will press on the lower; toys have to be located within reach of the child and at the level of his eyes.

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Therefore, we have

Therefore, we have But later, when such daily routine will change, some kids with a cerebral palsy, not capable to play independently because their movements unripe, will start missing in loneliness and will demand attention of adults.

Therefore, we have to wonder why the child so is upset, and to think how to organize morning that the kid always had an opportunity to observe, investigate world around, to react to something or to do that he is already able, without our participation and the help.

We have to be sure that occupations and toys which we chose, suit the child on the level of its opportunities though not necessarily correspond to its chronological age; what is the effort of the child is rewarded by success and thus its interest is stimulated and constantly maintained.

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Also the researches

Also the researches Generally, it is better to consult to the doctor geneticist before resolving an issue of the birth of the second child though probability of that, as he will be born with a cerebral palsy, it is very small while, for example, risk to have the second premature child it is high.

All this should be discussed with the geneticist.

Also the researches allowing to see a brain structure are conducted.

The usual Xray analysis of a skull will not supply with a lot of information on a brain, but other researches, such as a computer tomography or a magnetic and resonant tomography are very often applied to studying of a brain of the child and allow to see where the damaged site is located.

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